Digital Marketing / SEO Specialist

As your time is really valuable, first, we would like to thank you for deciding to check on our job ad. Second, straight to the point, we are looking for an experienced Digital Marketing / SEO specialist, who will help us boost our websites to new heights.

Available in: Варна, Велико Търново

Main tasks performed by our Digital Marketing / SEO specialists on a regular basis:

  • Defining new project objectives and KPI’s
  • Strategizing and executing link development campaigns;
  • Developing and implementing link building strategy;
  • Performing ongoing keyword research and implement optimisation recommendations;
  • Writing compelling and original articles, producing targeted and valuable content in English;
  • Optimising copy to ensure landing page lead-generation success;
  • Researching and analyzing competitors’ advertising links;
  • Work with Google Search Console, Analytics, Tag Manager and other website analytics tools;
  • Applying knowledge in web development CSS, HTML, Landing pages, A/B tests, conversion, and online customer acquisition;
  • Work with Front End and Marketing teams to drive SEO in content creation and content programming;
  • Having fun with the colleagues (just a tease – we have office massages, fitness, fresh fruits twice a week, parties, PS4 , playground, etc.).

Our values are 7 and we are driven by them:

  1. We create services people love;
  2. We make life more simple;
  3. We think ahead but do it now;
  4. We work with passion;
  5. We think one team;
  6. We lead by example;

* We know it is written 7, but if you apply and are approved for a meeting we would gladly share the 7th value with you 🙂

If we grabbed your attention, do the obvious and apply by sending us your CV (pdf).

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