Training and Development

"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

You have probably heard about Dr. Stephen Covey’s very successful book – “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. The author points out and explains the skills a successful leader must have and the actions s/he needs to take to successfully motivate his/her employees, while leading a successful business. We believe that leaders are not born, but raised. That’s why we work hard to constantly offer training and development opportunities to our colleagues.

Our team of trainers has organised and conducted a large number of various training sessions, both within the company and for external firms.

We offer:

  • Managers’ Academy;
  • Sales and Customer Service Training;
  • IT courses (PHP, IOS etc);
  • English courses;
  • Train the trainers and many more;

Train the trainers

Train the Trainers

If you have been in a situation where you’ve poured water into a sieve, have repeated something more than three times, only to find that

there are still people who haven’t understood what you are talking about or how you want things done… You are not alone! Teaching people in a way that challenges behaviour and interest, and at the same time measuring the training effectiveness is a real work of art. Therefore, we at First Online Solutions, have dedicated this course on ways to become a successful trainer, mentor and leader. We have included topics like “Tricks of Memorable Presentations”, “How to Deal with Different Temperaments in the Audience”, “Experiences – the Key to Behaviour ” and more.

PHP Academy

PHP Academy

A professional, practical course in PHP and MySQL. The course is organised by First Online Solutions’ Developers Academy and is aimed at current company employees who want to expand their horizons and gain knowledge in a new area. The course is also available for external customers. It is also suitable for students who have no programming experience and for people who have started to learn on their own, and want to move to the next level with the help of our professional consultants and trainers. More than 45 people have successfully completed the course so far, as the best participant in each course has been given the opportunity to work in the company.

Business Simulations

Business Simulations

We, at First Online Solutions, believe that to learn and understand something, you need to experience it. That’s why we’ve developed unique business simulations, equivalent to between 3 and 5 years of practical experience. Participants are placed in various business situations. The ultimate goal is to experience certain process in different context.

Five Star Service Academy

“How to Develop a Five-Star Service” Academy

Being trusted with a high turnover, as well as the development and management of a service offered on the international market, is not only responsible but also a very challenging task. So, First Online Solutions’ team of professionals has developed an Academy that teaches managers how to be two steps ahead of the competition, how to turn new customers into regular and how to manage the available resources to achieve it all. The course includes 3 levels and 11 topics, as a total of over 30 managers have taken part in it, so far.

Managers Academy

Managers’ Academy

Being a manager is much more than just a title! How to not just inspire but also lead your team towards achieving results? How to find out what motivates each of your team members and use it accordingly? How to find and use the strengths of your employees? How to not just handle conflicts but also to successfully prevent them?

Answers to these and many other questions are addressed in the Managers’ Academy – developed by a team of specialists at First Online Solutions. Within the six months of the training, the managers are faced with different challenges and solve numerous real case studies.

VIP Sales Academy

VIP Sales Academy

If you are looking for a standard sales training then better look elsewhere. This Academy is designed for ambitious and motivated members of the Sales Department. Some of the best in the field compete with themselves and with one another in order to stay in the Academy. Their secret is that they immediately put into practice everything they’ve learned and see the result of their efforts instantly, rather than spending long hours buried in books. Some of the topics, taught in the Academy are: “Successful Negotiations”, “Types of Clients and How to Speak Their Language”, “Winning Sales Approach: How to Communicate Not to Just Sell”, “Professional Service: What Do Clients Look For” and many more.