Sales and Customer Service Representative

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

First Online Solutions is a company that is looking for people who are willing to change the world. So far we have over 250 000 happy customers. The goal is to make everyone who is a part of our company to feel happy, it does not matter if you are a customer or a colleague.

The fact is that we grow fast and we need adaptive people, who embrace the change and are open to new challenges to help us take over the English market.

Available in: Varna , Veliko Tarnovo

Does this sound like you?

  • You are so multitasking you can write your CV while you are reading this ad, and ironing your shirt for the interview at the same time.
  • Your English is so good that people always ask you – “What part of UK you come from, young chap”.
  • You are so bright that people often mistake you with Einstein.
  • What’s more you are self-motivated, you eat deadlines for breakfast and you are more organized than Google Calendar.
  • Professionalism is a every-day for you and you have the kind of humour that means you understand why a job description should be fun to read.

If yes…

You’ll be showing off your ability to complete complex tasks and projects quickly. You’ll take adequate decisions in a blink of an eye and last but not least sales will be nothing but 2+2 for you.

Does it sound interesting? Challenging?

Why us?

  • Because we are awesome;
  • We work together to achieve new heights;
  • We believe in the word TEAM and we are not afraid to dream big;
  • Your ideas and innovation are our holy grail;
  • The more you achieve the more you will get;
  • You will stay fit, because we have a gym and massages;
  • We can fly you to some beautiful places, for business purposes of course.

Join us by sending a CV ( PDF format )! We look forward to hearing from you!

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