Human Resources

Passionate, Creative, Helpful

Welcome to our Human Resources Department!

Join the revolution in attitude towards talented people and our team of more than 10 recruitment specialists!
The people who work in First Online Solutions are winners, not employees. We do not hire staff but build personalities and develop talents.
We use innovative methods of selection to attract the best people and we carefully select the most appropriate opportunities for our employees.
Every day, our team of young experts works to help colleagues in the realisation of their dreams. We live with the aims and aspirations of every person in the company. We organise training sessions, courses, meetings and many team activities. We devote the necessary time to each colleague helping them start their career with confidence, discover and build on their talent.

We are happy to invest time and resources in each of you but we require your dedication, motivation and professionalism. We appreciate every effort because what identifies First Online Solutions are the people.

Wondering how we do it?

We can show you if you:
1. Can recognise leaders and make them part of the company
2. Are ready to conquer the world with us
3. Consider people a high priority and put everything else second
If that’s what you have wanted all your life, join us and we will help you fulfil your dreams.




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