Sales Department
Sales is one of the key departments in First Online Solutions, with over 150 trained and experienced traders. We are proud of our high tech Sales Department and our huge opportunities that make customers simply love our services. There is no better feeling than making a sale or a booking. Read More ››
Customer Service Department
What is it we do that makes the other departments jealous? We bring back the smile on clients' faces, clients that have decided they will never call us again, and turning them into friends. Thanks to our motivation, speed, professional skills and charm, we successfully solve problems that seem impossible to solve. This is what makes our team of over 20 experts the best in business. Read More ››
IT Department
Our department's mission is to aid First Online Solutions' business strategy by building, maintaining and controlling its technical resources.Join our IT team of over 50 professionals that will change the Internet. Read More ››
SEO Department
Our SEO teams keep track of all new trends and changes as they never stop experimenting and testing new ideas and methods. Over the past five years our over 50 specialists have achieved amazing results in the field of Internet optimisation, working for large corporate clients and middle and small size business owners. Read More ››
Finance Department
With over 20 specialists in the field of finance and accounting, our financial department is one clients and partners feel confident and relaxed to work with. We guarantee all payments are done on time and in compliance with the law. We guarantee security and accuracy in all financial operations - qualities that are very important in the financial business. Read More ››
Marketing Department
Our marketing team includes over 10 magicians that create and popularise marketing and branding campaigns on the UK and Australian markets. Our campaigns include creating logos, web-design, offline marketing, B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing, PPC (Pay-per-click), printed materials, direct marketing (including e-mail marketing) and a lot more. Read More ››
Human Resources Department
Join the revolution in attitude towards talented people and our team of more than 10 recruitment specialists!
In First Online Solutions work winners, not employees. We do not hire staff but build personalities and develop talents.
We use innovative methods of selection to attract the best people and we carefully select the most appropriate opportunities for our employees.